Not seeing a print you would like? Follow these steps:

1. Email

2. Send a screenshot of the print you are interested in as well as the dimensions and the materials you would like it in.

Lustre, Metal, metallic...

Confused with all the different material types?

Here's our little cheat sheet on materials and what we like to print on!

1. PAPER: Cost effective and more traditional in nature. Great for all image types in most rooms! Must be framed before hanging (read "Framing Options" below for ready to hang options). Lustre: Printed on a heavier Kodak Supra Endura paper type. Offers vibrant colors with minimal glare/gloss. Semi matte appearance. Tried and true and one of my personal favorites. Metallic: A richer more distinct metallic look. Good for rooms with less natural light and hung in areas where glare isn't an issue. Not as vibrant and lustrous and a true metal but a decent alternative.

2. CANVAS: Ready to hang wall art on canvas. One of my favorite mediums for rooms with lots of light also one of my preferences for noisier night images. Traditional: Image is printed on canvas and wrapped around a wooden frame with part of the image on the sides of the frame. Stretched: Canvas is stretched around a wooden frame and staples to the edges leaving the full image visible on the front.

3. METAL: Perhaps my personal favorite medium. Dyes are infused directly onto an aluminum sheet to create a highly vibrant, detailed print that most closely resembles what you'd see on a backlit computer screen. These come as ready to hang pieces of art. Be cautioned they are highly glossy so glare is a concern if hung in rooms prone to lots of glare (lots of different light sources of many windows). I also tend to suggest not printing night imagery on these either as they show grain more then paper or canvas. 4. WOOD: An image printed directly onto a wood sheet. Stills shows some of the natural wood grain underneath and is less detail oriented then paper or metal. Results in a very warm and natural look great for spaces with a very rustic feel. Come ready to hang.

Need help with framing? No worries. We can help!

If you'd like help with framing there are a number of options. You can arrange framing locally once you receive your print for the most options. This is what we would recommend. However we have a few options available to get your print shipped to your door ready to hang! For prints up to 24x36, once you've selected your paper print and added it to you cart you can add framing by selecting "+ Finishing Options" and following the prompting that follows.

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