About - Hank Blum Photography

I am a self taught adventure landscape photographer that lives in Durango, home of the La Plata Mountains, a small subrange of the San Juan Mountains in the southwestern part of Colorado. My love for the Colorado mountains came when I was 12 years old when we took the first of many family summer trips to Creede, CO. Photography gives me the joy and inspiration to investigate places I may not ordinarily trek to and take photos in climates I may not want to. My goal is to inspire you to get you outside and explore your surroundings while having fun and taking great photographs.

I take most of my photographs in remote wilderness areas, backpacking for miles and oftentimes bushwhacking through the woods to explore places where no trails exist. Being an avid trail runner, the bliss of photography is immersing and challenging myself in nature.

I also like to bring a little creativity to my photos so you never know what you might see. Stay tuned and enjoy…

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please visit my FAQ or simply drop me a line.

- Hank

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